Supercharge your sales with this
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Do you want a never-ending string of qualified leads?

Are you tired of talking to people who aren’t ready to buy?

Do you want to stand out as an authority in your niche?

Are you ready to master the art of enrolling ideal clients?

If yes, you need The Ideal Client Enroller Package

Personalizing the Sales Experience

Up until now, engaging the people on your list in meaningful conversations has been challenging to say the least. Without knowing where they are on their journey or what challenges they are facing, it’s been impossible to personalize your communication and prescribe appropriate next steps.

With our state-of-the-art assessment software you can now profile your clients, discover what they need and assess their level of commitment to getting support. With this information, you can then personalize your e-communication, invite meaningful conversations and move your ideal prospects into the products or high ticket packages that best meet their needs.

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“Before having Ideal Client Enroller it was difficult to replicate my sales success within my team. Now I’m able to take a team member who has never sold before, teach them my enrollment process and then turn them into sales Rock Stars. I also love being able to customize my sales funnel based on where the prospect is. If you want to stand out in your niche, Assessment Marketing is the only way to go.” Alex Mandossian

The Power of Personalized Assessments…

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Your assessment provides you with an innovative “Call-To-Action” that sets you apart from your competition and enables you to deliver unparalleled value as soon as they opt-in.

Imagine having the ability to know where each prospect is on their path; beginner, intermediate or advanced, as well as assess their level of commitment to investing in getting the support they need .

Personalize Your E-Communication

With a personalized assessment you can identify the prospects’ strengths and discover exactly what they need and how you can help them create the shifts they are wanting.

You can then provide relevant, free content that demonstrates your expertise and shows them you have the answers they are searching for. This allows them to feel seen, understood and inspired to work with you.

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Shine A Light On What Prospects Need

Imagine going into every enrollment conversation knowing exactly what the prospect needs and how you are equipped to help them.

No more time spent reviewing rambling survey responses or exploring what’s working and what’s not. When prospects take your assessment prior to the session, they will come to the call clear about what’s missing and ready to explore how you can help

Talk Only To The Committed

Are you working hard to generate leads, create interest and then single out the biggest mistake most experts are making?

As an Ideal Client Enroller client, you will have an assessment that weeds out the tire kickers and weed pickers and only talk to those prospects that are highly committed to working with you.

“The Ideal Client Enroller is such a great lead generation and engagement tool. My assessment not only helps potential clients get crystal clear about what they need, it also reveals to me exactly how I can be of service to them. Now, with my assessment I enter into every strategy session understanding the prospect’s priorities and what’s not working for them. This enables me to easily share with them how I can support them to have the life they are wanting.” Tina Meilleur

One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Are you leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table by winging the one-on-one enrollment conversation? If you are like most, you work hard to grow your list, create desire and move prospects into a one-on-one session. But without an understanding of how to uncover needs, identify their pain point and extend an invitation to work with you, you are failing to close your ideal clients.

As an Ideal Client Enroller client we teach you a proven step-by-step process for turning one-on-one conversations into happy, paying clients that can’t wait to get started.

Zero-Hassle Technology

We believe your time is best spent connecting with prospects and closing more sales… not getting frustrated with complicated program application interfaces.

You’ll get instant access to our Ideal Client Enroller Jumpstart Resource Center. We make creating your assessment as easy as 1, 2, 3 leaving you to invest your precious time in doing what you love most and discovering your next ideal clients.

Unlimited Quiz Participants  

Other assessment platforms charge exponential fees as you grow your audience… Not here. You pay just $19 a month for unlimited participants.

You’ll have password protected access to each participant’s results so you can follow-up with your hottest leads who are ready to invest in getting the support they need.

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LIVE Support & Training

Our team of Content Managers will walk you step-by-step through each element of your Ideal Client Enroller, from branding, to your assessment statements, to your personalized auto-responders. On these calls, you’ll get answers to your questions, learn from others who are enjoying success and fine tune your sales process for maximum sales conversion.

Easy Data Integration  

Are you using one of the top-rated sales and marketing software systems to run your business? If yes, we can easily integrate your data through an API key and have your new lead contact information pushed to you.

This enables you to further refine your sales courting process with content prompted drip campaigns personalized for each prospect segment. ($97 one-time charge applies)

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“Before having an online assessment, I wasn’t having much success building my list from appearances on tele-summits. I’d put in the time and effort for very little in return. Now, with the online assessment Jane’s company built for me, I’ve turned my radio interviews and tele-summit trainings into fabulous list building and client engagement strategies! In just 8 months I took my list from 4000 to 14,000 and sales consistently flow in. Thank you to Jane and her wonderful team for providing such a powerful tool for attracting and enrolling new clients!”  Julie Renee Doering

Here’s What’s Included In
The Ideal Client Enroller Package!

#1: Your Own Personalized Online Assessment (Value $1600)

We will walk you through our easy Jump Start process and give you VIP access to proven templates and time-tested copy so creating your assessment is fast, easy and fun.

With your assessment you will…

  • Stand out as an authority in your niche
  • Instantly know what your client needs
  • Personalize your e-communication to your list
  • Avoid the tire-kickers and the brain-pickers
  • Master the one-on-one sales conversation

#2: Get-It-Done Bootcamp (Value $800)

Dive in live with Rono & Jane during a power-packed, get-it-done Bootcamp session where we will walk you through our proven step-by-step process for activating, designing, and launching your personalized assessment.

There is no way you are NOT going to put this tool to work in your business because we’ve got your back!

#3: Weekly Sales Activation “Office Hours” (Value $1000)

Put your assessment to work in your business right away by taking advantage of our Weekly Quiz Builder Implementation Labs with Assessment Specialists. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring you have all you need to expand your list and increase conversion of your high-end offers.

You’ll also have access to our state-of-the-art Jump Start Resource Center where you will find everything you need to design your assessment, create compelling videos and maximize this powerful enrollment tool.

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#4: Monthly Training On Mastering Enrollment (Value $1200)

As an Ideal Client Enroller client, you will get first hand access to the latest strategies, tips and tricks for utilizing your assessment to attract, engage and enroll more ideal clients. Through monthly trainings, we will help you maximize the use of your assessment to systemize your sales process and double, or even triple conversion from your one-on-one strategy sessions.

#5: Client Enrollment Made Easy Course (Value $1200)

As an Ideal Client Enroller client, you will have access to Jane’s powerful four-module course on how to master the art of sales success. From Jane’s highly acclaimed Client Conversion Formula to her insider secrets on how to consciously close more sales, this course alone is worth your investment!

This course gives you all you need to ace the enrollment process...

    Module 1: Secrets to Sales Success
    Module 2: Activate your Marketing Mojo
    Module 3: 5 Steps to a Powerful Sales Conversation
    Module 4: Sharpen Your Skills for Higher Sales Conversion

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VIP Bonus: Business Breakthrough Experience Course - $1000 Value


Breakthrough the cycle of lack-luster profits and constant overwhelm and step into a world of healthy profits and a deep sense of peace, confidence and joy in business!
You’ll be given password protected access to the first Module of Jane’s powerful new program where you will solidify your success by clearly articulating the three foundations of a successful business… your mission, your message and your money model!

Peace of Mind with our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We are completely committed to supporting you in mastering enrollment. That’s why we have a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide that your Ideal Client Enroller doesn’t meet your needs, simply notify us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your investment (less a 5% processing fee).

Special Pricing for a Limited Time!

#1: Your Own Personalized Online Assessment - $1600

#2: Get-It-Done Bootcamp - $800

#3: Weekly Sales Activation “Office Hours” - $1000

#4: Monthly Training On Mastering Enrollment – $1200

#5: Client Enrollment Made Easy Course - $1200

#6: Jane’s Business Breakthrough Experience Course - $1000

Total Value $6800!

Regularly Priced at $1997

Use Promo Code “YES” to receive discount when checking out.

Plus a $19 monthly maintenance fee for unlimited assessment results beginning 30 days after you enroll.

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